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Updated: Mar 7, 2019


Paul from the GlowTech team is broadcasting today. Clear skies outside, early in the morning, coffee brewing, the toast is ready, bacon just how I like it. I'm off to work, on the subway, scrolling up and down on my phone, locking it, unlocking it, wasting time, drifting off, playing some music, checking my social media profiles, doing nothing productive, really.

Elderly man, across from me, giving me this strange look.

"Is there something wrong?" I courageously expressed. The man replied.

"The small screen you were starring into does not seem to entertain you anymore, isn't that ironic?"

Confused, taken aback, respectfully, I inquired about the reasoning behind his question.

He then replied.

I'm not from these times, I grew in a different era, we saw things differently. If somebody gave you some seeds, you would grow a tree, nourish and protect it, enjoy the bearings of it and when its time came it would keep you warm.

You, young people today, with this much technology, have so much opportunity but so little desire to benefit from it. It is saddening.

He got off the next station.

It stuck with me for the day.

.. and for the week.

The times we live in are the best humanity has experienced yet, make sure you make the most out of what they have to offer, don't just waste it away because of boredom or ungratefulness!

Grow your glow!



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