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How To Take A Good Selfie: Expert Tip #1

Did you know that 93 MILLION selfies are posted on Instagram each day? Yes, it’s very hard to stand out! But that’s why I’m here, to teach you how.

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Cynthia Coleman and I am a social media expert and lifestyle coach. I’ve worked with several influencers, vloggers, models and entrepreneurs attracting millions of followers to their profiles. Today, I am here to invite you on a journey to achieve the same thing.

I have partnered with GlowTech to do multiple series of blog posts to reveal the hidden secrets of the social media industry. You are so lucky! After all these years of working in this sector, I can assure you I will give the most efficient pieces of advice you can find online.

This first series will focus on one of the most important tools of your profile: the selfie.

For following period, I am going to share 12 secrets that you must know. The fashion and beauty industries will be so jealous! So let’s get started.

Expert Tip #1. Use The Right Apps And Filters.

There’s no shame in editing a photo before posting it online! After all, what’s on the Internet lives forever. One editing app I always use for my clients is Facetune. It’s very user-friendly, easy to learn and has many amazing features. It lets you subtly blur, shape, morph, and define certain areas of your face. You can also whiten your teeth. A subtle trick is to “detail” your eyes and make them look bright and sparkly.

For filters I recommend you use VSCO. They’re a lot more complex than what Instagram has to offer and you can create your own profile theme. An alternative is Snapseed, which also offers extensive editing options to further enhance your pictures.

Play with the Portrait Mode on modern smartphones - this is a great way of capturing the perfect shot.

Finally, be mindful that less is more and it’s very easy to exaggerate with editing. Always compare with the initial picture and make sure you’re not overdoing it.

I hope this will make a good start for your new social media profile and I will see you soon with the next Expert Tip.

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